while statement

Purpose: This command executes the statements defined within its body until the condition specified evaluates to true as soon as the condition evaluates to false looping stops.

Status: Done.Nesting is not supported at the moment.


   while condition

Let's see some examples of this command.

Example 1:

   param a=5
   while a>0
     echo a is :
     measure a eval(a-1)


    a is:
    a= 4.
    a is:
    a= 3.
    a is:
    a= 2.
    a is:
    a= 1.
    a is:
    a= 0.

Example 2:

  while 1
    echo I'll run infinite times.


  gnucap> I'll run infinite times.
          I'll run infinite times.

and,this statement will execute infinite times!!

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